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Default Solved a thorny sync wisdom, just tedious deleting, deleting, deleting..

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Just thought I'd post this for others who may be suffering out there...patience is rewarded, but it can take a very long time for the reward.

I had the old "The operation terminated unexpectedly" error and it suddenly started occurring 100% of the time yesterday when I sync'd my Outlook 2003 calendar to my 8130 Pearl. Always been able to resolve these types of problems before, but I was stuck this time for a couple days resolving it.

Steps I took:

- Battery pull on the Pearl
- Wiped calendar databases on Pearl
- Deleted Intellisync directory (C:\documents and settings\dawhit4\Application Data\Research In Motion\BlackBerry\Intellisync) on PC (multiple times)
- Upgraded from DM 4.5 to DM 4.6
- Deleted countless calendar events
- Deleted all calendar events that had any attachments

The failure dialog that appeared each time told me the event where the sync failed, e.g., "772 of 795."

I'd look at the sync log (View Log option in DM) and the log showed all the items processed down to event #772 where the log stops. So I'd go into my calendar and delete that event (#772), also deleted other events in the week before and after that event just to be sure, and would sync again, and the same error would occur again, failing on a different event number.

I.e., the number of the event where the failure occurs would change, but the error would be the same...per below...note that the total number of events kept decreasing as I deleted events, and the point at which the error occurred also decreased. Each time I deleted the event where it failed listed in the log, and also deleted events around that event, and it just kept crashing.

So the failure message would decrement...

797 of 829

795 of 828

781 of 814

776 of 799

772 of 795

760 of 786

And so on...

I've no idea why, since I was following the same process after each failure, but after the nth time of trying to sync, failing, deleting entries, and trying again, it worked.

Can't imagine how I suddenly had so many corrupted calendar entries, or if it really was only one or two bad entries, why they were mis-identified repeatedly in the sync log.

But I'm up and running again, and really wishing my company had BES...
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