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yeah i think so too. at least for ATT(with the 3g)

you also have to consider what RIM is aiming at. they give us this phone. its more locked down than the iPhone. it has lack of "dedicated" 2nd and 3rd party developers like some other phones. they seem to be more basic than other phones (until the storm and pearl flip).

but look at what you get. you get an open source java based OS. yeah, it looks plain compared to some other phones, but we get cool themes, and the best part it. WAY LESS ERRORS THAN OTHER DEVICES. not as many crashes like WinMo. not as many carrier and other restrictions like the iphone. and not nearly as expensive as the good Nokia phones. the Closest thing to a Berry in terms of function is Palm. and with the Push email from RIM, business want the berry..

as it was said before blackberry is function. not fashion.
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