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Default This will take some finesse....

Typically, FedEx delivers to businesses first and residences afterward (usually the afternoon).

Do you deal with FedEx often? If you do, as I do, you can call them and have your priority bumped up so it would be early in the morning. They still can't (won't) give you an exact time but at least you know it will be in the early part of the AM.

Also, check this out....

If the FexEx priority thing works still have the problem of leaving the house for the office on your day off (what to tell the wife!!???) Tell her you have to pick up a shipment from the office (don't say what). On your way home buy her some flowers and tell her "I can't belive the shipment I <i>had</i> to pick up was this thing (8700). I'm sorry I had to leave just for this (obviously you'll be thinking...just for this...just for this!!!???? this is the sweetest damned thing ever!! but she doesn't need to know that) so here are some flowers. If I would have known the shipment was for this blackberry I would have waited until Monday....I thought it might be (insert something important from work here)."

You're golden...8700 plus the wifes affection. It's not really's just crafty.
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