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Default Let's Compile a List: Why BB is Better Than Anything Else!

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I've been a BB user for over three years. I chose BB after doing a lot of research, and I wouldn't bother using any other type of handheld device. I swear by BlackBerry!

I've often gotten involved in discussions with other mobile device users as to why the BB is better than any other type of mobile phone/PDA. I'm also often asked what sort of mobile handheld device a person should purchase, and I proceed to give them a rundown of the traits I believe make BB superior to any other device available. I know my reasons, but I have been wondering what other BB users would say that supports my assertion that "BB is BEST."

I usually tell people: "BlackBerries are true TOOLs. The rest are just toys."


How about sharing your own reasons why YOU think BB is Best? Your reasons should be based on quantifiable, OBJECTIVE traits and features that relate to efficient operation. Opinions on things such as "I like the colors on the screen" may be valid to an individual, but that's a subjective opinion with which another person may not concur. But, things like "BB has it's own network for processing data that makes it more reliable/efficient/secure" is a definite objective fact. Things like "BBs generally have superior battery life" would be definite points of interest.

I think if BB users contributed to this list, I'd suggest that this compilation be posted in the forum archives so that users could refer potential BB users to it. I'd even go so far as to print hard copies of such a list and give them to people who were considering a BB. I'd like to eventually compile this list after gleaning it from the responses.

My biggest reason for choosing BB is: "BB has its own proprietary system for handling data, and as a result, send/receives e-mail more efficiently and safely than any other type of device." (Note: I am under the impression that this is so, but if I'm wrong...please correct me!) I also believe BB does, indeed, have superior battery life versus other handheld devices. There are many, many other reasons why BBs are best.

"Friends don't let friends use iPhones."

Let's see what you have to say.............

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