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Default Bold 9000 to Curve 8900 Switcher Review

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Am I glad I switched! Here's why.
  1. The size is just right! I had the Curve 8320 before I upgraded to the Bold 9000. But somehow, the Bold's been just on the wrong side of being held comfortably in the hand. I thought with the narrower Curve, it may be less comfortable to type on but actually it is even easier especially if you are using one hand to type.
  2. Speed - not a problem. I was reading reviews that one may imperceptibly experience minor lag on the Curve with its slower CPU; but really in real world use, you don't notice the difference and it doesn't affect your use. It won't even cross your mind that there is a lag here when compared to the Bold.
  3. Battery life is way better! With the Bold, my battery will be dangerously low by evening after a full charge.
  4. OK, so there's no 3G but unless you plan to tether the Bold and use it as a modem there's no real need for 3G speeds in a BlackBerry. I can't recall an instance too where I was downloading something and needed to make a call at the same time - which is the other major advantage for 3G.
  5. GPS - I don't know if RIM made any changes to the GPS radio for the Curve but it locks a signal much faster than the Bold, and it was sensitive enough indoors with lots of tall buildings around.

The biggest change for me besides the size is the keyboard. I actually liked the Bold's keyboard and I thought the biggest fault I will find with the new Curve is its keyboard. After putting it to good use I can say, I am even on this. Yes, I like how the Bold's keyboard has wider spacing and it doesn't make a "click" sound but the new Curve's keyboard is quite accurate despite it being smaller. The "click" on the new Curve is definitely more pronounced but way quieter than the old Curve, which I absolutely disliked. I guess it is some sort of feedback mechanism when you hear the click and it does help if you are typing fast.

One other thing I noticed is how much more "balanced" the new Curve is. When you hold it up to read or type on, it has a nice feel in the hand. I always felt like the Bold was off-balanced when you hold it up. And if you try to type something or select a key with one hand, it's a wobbly juggle.

What don't I like? For some strange reason, the font size between 8 and 9 have a disparity that does not seem balanced. Size 9 is too big and size 8 is just a tad small on the new screen (which by the way is gorgeous).

Oh, and the camera? It's super. It's clear enough that I can snap a picture of my grocery list and view it at the aisle.

Very happy with the switch!
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