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Originally Posted by NorthAurora View Post
The 1.5mb is just the core application.
i know, it's still a marvel of a program. i veered off course and it quickly recalculated the map with new directions. though i haven't tried seeing how fast that map would refresh at 60+mph. the app isn't a resource hog either. i had slacker streaming music, bluetooth on, and had garmin up and the 8900 handled it well. hats off to garmin for producing a gem of a program.

a couple small negatives though; to really get the most out of the app you'll need to connect the phone to your car's aux input as the phone's speaker volume would probably be to low to hear the turn by turn directions in real world situation. oh, and due to the app streaming street names, the bitrate quality is poor compared to a dedicated gps device.

Originally Posted by vinmontRD View Post
Not sure what to think now. I picked up a Garmin 755T a couple of months ago, and that's a superb device. I know the software is really close between this and the BB version, and it's tempting to have this on the 8900. But... the large touch screen on the 755T really makes for a good driving experience -- not sure I'd be as happy with with the 8900 as a nav device on my dashboard. One of the reasons I chose the 755T was its 4.3" screen as opposed to the smaller 3.5" GPS devices -- the 8900 screen is gorgeous for a mobile phone, but seems small to me for a car GPS. I think I *would* like nav on the 8900 for walking (e.g., around NYC) or bike riding -- although I'd be very curious to know the relative battery life between the 755T dedicated GPS device and the 8900 running Garmin software.
yeah, i'm still debating on whether to bite myself. figuring that i'd have this program for 2 yrs (life of my phone) the $80 becomes $3.33 a month, a worthy price for the novelty alone. i'm gonna put heavy use on it during this trial week and see where i'm at. i'm more worried about the added battery drain to my phone.
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