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Originally Posted by jchanaga
Hi Everyone,

I just received my 8700c @ 1:20 p.m. via FedEx. Warning sheet inside the box said to charge the device (battery) for 8 hours *before* calling in for activation.

Speaking of charging the battery--I recently purchased an official RIM external battery charger (RIM part # ASY-07042-002) for my 7100g. Does anyone know if this charger will work for the 8700c's battery which is different and labeled "C-S2"?

Thanks in advance...

Jaime C.
Euless, TX
Get it home, put it on the included charger and call Cingular from a landline. I ported from Nextel to the 8700 Cingular and it only took about 5 minutes on the phone and my Nextel number showed up on the 8700 and all works perfectly.

Yes your charger for your 7100 will work perfectly. Just charge you 8700 for a hours or two and do a full charge while you are sleeping. Compared to my Nextel 7520, the 8700 uses very little power.