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After a couple weeks of constantly checking T-Mobile corporate stores, and other brick & mortar retailers that carry genuine RIM BlackBerry leather pouches, I FINALLY found my pouch a few days ago. Here's what's currently holding my 8900 when it's not in use:

Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "but that's the leather pouch for the 8300 Curves! It doesn't work right because the Holster Mode magnets are in the wrong place!" And just a week or 2 ago, you would have been correct!

However... with absolutely NO mention that it was coming out (it's not listed on their website with the other 8900 cases) RIM has issued an updated version of this leather pouch that is FULLY COMPATIBLE with the 8900! When you look at the Device Compatibility sticker on the back of the package, it clearly lists 8900. I tested it at the store before purchasing it. It engages Holster Mode, regardless of whether you put it in with the screen facing in, or facing outward.

It's also nowhere NEAR as tight as this one...

...which he also had, and which several of you have said is too tight until it's been broken in from a few weeks of use. I can confirm that it is VERY tight at first, which is why I passed on it.

So, I'm seeing how the one I bought does for me. I'm still not used to the narrow little "strap" that holds the BlackBerry in... I'm used to the full flap of the 8700g leather swivel holster...

...a design I wish RIM had stuck with. I'm also pretty sure the magnet to hold the flap closed was a little stronger on the 8700 version, and therefore more secure.
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