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Default New 8700 - MDS Broken or Wrong BB Plan?

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I just got my 8700 via FedEx today. New Cingular account.

I activated it and sync'd it up with our 4.x BES server. Email/contact/calendar all sync'ing wirelessly - no problem.

I don't, however, have the Blackberry Browser icon. I have the Cingular Browser icon and it is working ok.

Also, I cannot get stuff like VeriChat or of course to work.

I have had several Blackberries in the past with Cingular and Verizon and have had no problems with these things.

Our internal Email/BES guy is goofing off on holiday vacation while I had super-critical MDS (maybe) issues here, so I cannot troubleshoot with him yet. He did send me an email saying that he set me up the same way he always does, so at least he doesn't think there is an issue with the account configuration.

The interesting thing is that when Cingular set up my account, the rep said "Oh when you combine voice and data you get the unlimited Blackberry for $34.99". I was certainly skeptical, but didn't say anything. (Last year I had a Cingular 7290 and the rep in the store set up unlimited Blackberry on my account at $35.99/month - which worked fine). So, I logged into my account online and the plan line-item says the following:

Feature Monthly Charge
34.99 UNL BB F $34.99

That is the only line-item for the Blackberry - it stops at the "F".

Is it possible that they have a some plan that supports BES, but not MDS? I would obviously like to keep this $34.99 plan if it will work, so I am hesitant to call Cingular support for fear that they decide that they screwed up and gave me the cheap plan. Easy to assume that the plan is the problem, but I did seem to get a killer deal last year and everything worked (so I am hopeful).

How can I troubleshoot between now and Monday (when Email/BES guy is back)?

FYI - Looking at my Service Books:

1. I don't have a "Desktop [IPPP]", but I do have a "IPPP for 5 Click [IPPP]" service book.

I also have a "Browser Config for 5 Click [BrowserConfig]" and "Cingular Browser [BrowserConfig]" and "Blackberry Browser [BrowserConfig]" among others...

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