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Originally Posted by jletendre View Post
I have both as well a Bold and the only device that I would think of leaving Storm for is the Bold as somedays I really miss the keypad.

iPhone does some things very well - most I classify as time wasters. Sure it's got some neat little "apps" but myself (as well recent research) has shown people get bored with them. With the sheer amount of apps I guess you could check out a new app every few days before you get bored.

I still find typing on the iPhone painfully slow compared to Storm, not to mention regular Blackberry. Sure the web / media experience has that Apple polish but I'm not a big iTunes user to begin with and all my media is obtained through other means. The allure of iPhone to iPod users is a channel Apple needed to exploit and leverage and it worked for the initial growth. For majority of mobile device users it's been a reaction I'll call luke-warm. Applications on a mobile device is not anything new. Apple just streamlined the process to locate and install them. Considering 95% are throwaway / junk strip that away to the core functionality you want in a mobile device.

To me Blackberry is hands down a better device at getting things done.

Push email
Multi-tasking (having facebook, aim, e-trade etc all running at once is better then the whole open / close / open / close flipping you do on iPhone.
Mailbox intergration with Outlook is so far ahead of what iPhone provides it's a joke. Blackberry is an extension of your mailbox / desktop and iPhone is a gadget with neat apps and a barely usable email client. Blackberry offers click to dial, email across all programs so it all just works.

If I didn't work all week, the iPhone has alot to offer a casual user. Unfortunately I do and Blackberry helps me get work done.
well said !

i owned apple stuff before, ipods (including ipod touch), an imac, etc... and i got sick of them eventually.

they don't offer any value because they evolve inside apple's greenhouse instead of out in the wild. and it's only too amusing to see what happens when ppl start jailbreaking/etc., apple tries to stick it to those ppl....

when was the last time any phone manufacturer suggested that they'd like to have the ability to fine you $ 2500 if you jailbreak their product to do what you want with it ?

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