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Originally Posted by XelhaBB View Post

Apple makes FABULOUS products and I am a huge MAC fan. I abandoned my PC five years ago and have every MAC accessory in my home EXCEPT the iPhone. The iPhone is a wonderful device and if it had come to Verizon, I would have one. It is also the only phone MAC supports so it has a devoted army of engineers that coddle it.

With that said, its important to remember the iPhone is years ahead of the Storm developmentally speaking. The Storm is just getting off the ground and I have faith that eventually there will be an OS that gets the phone up to speed with the iPhone.

The iPhone is also not a Blackberry and I think it is more business oriented than the iPhone. The iPhone is a more of a toy. The iPhone can't send MMS messages, something that lesser technology phones have done for ages. The Storm CAN send MMS messages.

I think the Storm is great because it's a Blackberry phone. Comparing the Storm to the iPhone is like comparing apples and oranges. To call the Storm an "iPhone Killer" is a mistake because the Storm still needs some work. However, the Storm unites Blackberry functionality with new age touchscreen techonology. In some aspects, its axiomatic the iPhone will always outperform the Storm.

I think both phones capture their respective markets. If you purchased a Storm because you wanted a touchscreen toy then you made a mistake. The iPhone is far more suitable for that purpose. But you if wanted a new age business phone, you just got yourself a wonderful device.
Fabulously worded, explained.
I have a Blackberry pearl, Bold and an iPhone 3g. Now that I am with verizon I don't use the iPhone any more besides for its iPod capabilities and browsing here and there.
If i were you I would brag about the screen quality but again you are not looking for videos. Brick breaker is awesome too.
I also like feeling the touch rather than on iPhone you just touch it. It can be the bad side and the good side. It depends on how you word it.
I personally make it sound that it is the good side esp since i have bought it.
I can actually feel when I touch it as in press it in, but I dont feel the buttons like the qwerty keyboards. Which is why it is a phone in between a phone with an actual keyboard and just a simple touch screen like iPhone.
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