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Originally Posted by rtc11 View Post
I have used Best Skins Ever (x2) on my old 8320 and 8100 and like them a lot. But as soon as I got a Case (pouch) I thought it was over Kill.

I also use and continue to use Rex Regina, for ~$45 USC, they make very high quality leathers, in many colors. I use my 8320 case with my 8900 and even though it is a little too big I don't see a problem.
This post is useless without a LINK!
Both companies are US companies. I say that because the pouch RIM supplies with your purchase comes from China, and we all know what kind of quality control that country has. I remember I put on my BSE and the dye from the RIM pouch turned my BSE a darker color. I have no idea what that was all about or if I was the cause, but I like the better quality of my Rex Regina.

Perhaps the BSE wasn't completely dry and absorbed the dye from the leather case.
Either way, the RIM case doesn't cover the top of the 8900, so don't use it.
I can tell you from LOTS of personal experience over the last 4 years that the Official BlackBerry pouches made by RIM are first rate in terms of quality, for a case in the $30 (US) price range. When I had my Nextel 7520, the case I ended up using the most was the official leather swivel holster made by RIM, and I was very surprised that it ended up being my favorite, because it has NO flap! Instead, the open-top holster was designed for a "skin tight" fit, that held the BlackBerry in with a tenacious grip. There was never even the slightest possibility of my BB falling out of that thing!

Then I switched to the 8700g on T-Mobile, and without hesitation I bought RIM's leather swivel holster pictured in my post above. The only time I used anything different was when I was in costume for Ren Fest, the rest of the time, I used the RIM holster, with few, if any, complaints about it.

So, for the 8900, I'm using the RIM leather holster pictured above. It may be made in China, but the quality is a lot better than typical Chinese made goods. The same can NOT be said for the 3rd party cases you typically find at cell phone accessory kiosks in shopping malls. Those things are junk, I've had one literally fall apart on me, when the glue holding in the side panels failed. They looked like they were stitched on, but the stitching was superficial. They were actually held in place with glue of obviously inferior quality, so I rarely use 3rd party pouches now for that reason.

As for the more expensive cases you and others recommend... well, a case that sells for $45 US had BETTER be of higher quality, in materials and construction, than RIM's official cases, otherwise, it's not worth the added cost!
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