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Originally Posted by spierian View Post
I need to vent.

I've had my Storm now for 2months plus and it's, well, OK. It's basically a good old fashioned BB with a sexy touch screen.

I have 3 children, wife, sister with iphone 3Gs and frankly I feel like a leper. The whole experience of the iphone is just streets ahead. I can't think of a single thing about the Storm where I'd say - that's why I've got one (forget video, never wanted it). I'm tyoing this in secret because of course I can't admit this to the other side.

So, people, help me out here. How do I fight back? Why is the Storm great?
You don't really fight back. Honestly, both phones are great in there respective rights. You mentioned video wasn't a concern however it's still a noteworthy feature. I prefer the fact that when someone sends me a picture I can simply open it on my Storm where as on the iphone, you have to access another site just to open it. I also personally like the click screen as it confirms my selection as opposed to the iphone if you drag a finger across it's virtual keyboard it enters random letters. Email is miles better on the Storm. Like I said, the iphone has it's bells and whistles but I prefer the Storm.
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