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Originally Posted by visortgw View Post
  • Might it be possible to display an entire filename with a "rollover" (aka hover) type implementation? Currently, there is no way to display the complete filename with long names.
actually a "complete File Info" Dialogue with all the details is on my "to do list"

Originally Posted by visortgw View Post
  • This is a nit, but please consider using "standard" abbreviations for file sizes (i.e., B for bytes, KB for kilobytes, MB for megabytes, GB for gigabytes).
Well - that's a big misunderstanding since years - a "Kilo" means always 1000 - it always has been - that we read so often 1024 bytes = 1 kilo byte is simply wrong - honestly - repeating this error again and again over years (like Windows and others does) will not make this correct as some day...

1000 bytes = 1Kilobyte
1024 bytes = 1Kibibyte

and since my app is deviding the filesize by 1024 - KiB is the correct abbreviation -> Kibibyte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Originally Posted by visortgw View Post
  • Question about zip function -- does it delete source file(s) after creating the archive?
Jesus! - deleting files without confirmation from the user? - typically I would call such an program a virus! Honestly - that would be a NO-GO... BBFileScout create Zip-Archives and will not touch the original files.

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