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Originally Posted by gpia7r View Post
Could someone explain the "battery pull" term that gets tossed around here? Apparently not only is it a physical battery pull, but there are applications to emulate it? May I ask how "pulling the battery" occasionally improves the Blackberry? Definetly appreciate some clarification on this one.
A battery pull is exactly that, pull the battery for 10-15 seconds and put it back in to reset the device fully (including memory). There are apps that emulate a battery pull, but research has shown nothing beats a true battery pull to get a fully refreshed/reset device.

Originally Posted by gpia7r View Post
Battery seems to be pretty good so far. I assume it's safe to just keep on the charger every night?

Originally Posted by gpia7r View Post
Lesse... While I don't really care/need the "Internet Anywhere" that's part of my BB Unlimited plan, can you name a couple of ways to take advantage of it so I don't feel like I'm wasting money?
Viigo (RSS/news reader) and Bolt Browser

Originally Posted by gpia7r View Post
Also, as part of the BB Unlimited yadda yadda plan... does that allow unlimited e-mails to be pushed to the device, for example, from a Hotmail or GMail account?
There is a limit on BIS servers for the number of email accounts, but not the number of emails.

Originally Posted by gpia7r View Post
I was sent a couple of picture messages, but they just redirected me to the website to view them in my album. Please tell me this device can directly receive images without having to go to a computer... that wouldn't make sense....
This I am not sure of, or how MMS works on T-Mobile, but would recommend you have MMS enabled on your account at the least. Others will have more info on this.
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