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Originally Posted by calionheart View Post
Hi everybody,

I have a problem with the Black berry Bold 9000.

It's about the back cover.

I have a problem, When I type long message or edit some of my work. I had to place some of my fingers in the back of the cellphone so, I can type. I have no problem with the left side. ONLY the right side I hear some noise because I press on the back, which bothering me when I edit a lot of files or typing so many messages. However the left side I have no problem with it even if I press hard on the back to manage typing really quick I have no problem with that. ONLY the Right Side. It's like there is no support between the Battery and the plastic cover for the back. it seems something empty between them so when u push with your finger to make noisy sound but the left side is okay. only right.

Please I am looking for some help!

I bought the black berry bold four days ago and I am really happy with it because I can do my work really fast, however the only problem is what I persent to you. so, Do you recommend me to return the cell phone back and ask if they can solve that issue?

Or this issue is normal among users?!

or what shoud I do to solve this problem?!

I was going to upload the picture to see what I mean but I can't because I don't have more than 10 posts. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

Thank you for your help...


Very well stated problem! Thank you! This is a problem with almost all models of Blackberry but on easily solved using this "High Tech" method. Cut a business card in half and place it on top of the battery and reinstall the cover carefully. Voila! No squeaks and the back will feel solid! Enjoy!

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