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yes, i got my batt/charger. expect to wait 2 weeks for your battery.

first of all, i'd understand the concerns buying li-ion batteries from untrusted sources. i'd like to say i've bought 3 3rd party ebay li-ion batts for different digital cameras and put them through many charges and have never been a problem. maybe i've just been lucky, i don't know. before this i've raced electric rc cars, soldered my own ni-cad ni-mh battery cells into packs using various cells from different sources and brands. imo, the myth of exploding batteries is overblown. heat, extreme heat, correction, severe heat, is the only thing that would cause batteries to "explode."

now on to my impressions. the charger is great, it's the travel style which means no cord, just plug the charger directly to a wall outlet, pop the battery in there, and wait a couple hours for the led light to turn green. what i have noticed is that the charger, whether it's the 3rd party batt or the oem batt, will only charge to 95%. when the batt is in the phone and you charge via micro-usb i always get a 100%. this probably has something to do with the peak detection in the phone being far superior to the peak detection in the travel charger. the battery so far is great. had it for 2 days and just finished it's first charge. so far, not much different from the oem battery though i have a feeling it does have a bit more capacity just because it does take longer to charge. i'll know more as the weeks go by.

i have very happy with my $12 batt and charger purchase and would recommend the items to others. before the 8900 i put heavy use into my pearl and the battery lost performance in about 15 months. i plan to switch off between this 3rd party batt and the oem to extend their lives. best of luck.

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