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Originally Posted by jletendre View Post
I'm sorry but I support both platforms (3,000 BB, 900 Windows Mobile) and Exchange ActiveSync is no where near as robust or reliable as BES. Sure when you first get it you think it's great and why bother having a BES but after the 3rd or 4th time and you notice it stopped syncing and you have to reboot your device for EAS to kick back in you recognize having a service account that only scans for mailbox changes just flat out works better.

Also EAS forces you to download the whole attachment as well the email which causes a longer pull. BES pushes 4k chuncks which provide a quicker delivery. Not a huge factor with 3G but all you iPhone users must see how EAS just sucks down your battery - why? EAS is chatty as it is constantly asking Exchange for new mail. Sure you can opt to just poll ever X mins but what good is that? It's 2009 and push / OTA is where it's at.

That's just performance. To get the real value of BES and understand why it's the standard for almost every major company:

Ability to control / lock every option on the BB if you choose
Device level encryption as well MicroSD encryption
SMS/TXT/Phone call logging
MDS gateway - secure VPN access via BES to your network
Full reporting / asset management of your mobile workforce.

iPhone has NONE of that control and Windows Mobile requires you to buy System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008 (Seperate server, extra CAL = $$$) So while this appears a great / similar experiece to the end user. It is anything but when you have to manage and control all these devices.
My week trial with the iPhone and EAS server puzzled me when I could not sync Tasks or Notes to the iPhone, Apple says the iPhone is "the best business phone, ever" ?

Also it was/is not possible to arrange meetings and invite attendees, see their availability etc with the iPhone, how can it be classed as a business phone without those basic features, let alone the "best" one "ever" ?

Oh and then one day I tried to dial a phone number which was in the notes field of my calendar, the iPhone nearly turned in to a frisbee and got slung over the road I can tell you!

But then the Blackberry does not have all the sexy apps the iPhone has and
people don't go "Wow is that an iPhone" when they see you with it but it sure gets things done *much* quicker than the iPhone, don't you think~?

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