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Originally Posted by Hgaara View Post
Alright um a few more questions, My current 8700 shows that I am constantly connected through "edge", so that means "UMA" is better than "edge"?

Also I have no data plan what so ever, so does that mean that I will get charged if I use Wi-Fi?

What's the fastest type of connection that T-Mobile offers for people on a Family Plan? I ask because I read someone that "EDGE" is better than "edge" and I want to get the best possible quality when I get the 8900.
Like stated before lower case "edge" is when the edge network is present but the BlackBerry data is not available. Which you would need the BlackBerry data package to get the uppercase "EDGE". Same goes with "gprs"/"GPRS" which is a slower data rate. "UMA" is a whole different story, that is when your connected to a network that would allow UMA calling through the internet. Which is @Home, that's what they came out with it for. When you are connected to your network you can make calls and it will not come out of your regular pool minutes. You data transfer (browsing/downloading, etc) will be faster as well because you'll be using your internet through your wireless router instead of the mobile network.

Originally Posted by omegadan View Post
I wasn't aware that one could make calls over the wi-fi... interesting.

The crappy thing is that if you have access to Wi-Fi, you probably have a computer, so why use your blackberry at home to browse the web...

The network at work has me connected but the Wi-Fi sign is in grey. Dunno why that is because I entered the network key =/
That's what UMA is, think of it as something similar to VOIP...same idea. And the reason why you are having a grey wi-fi signal is because either your either using a carrier other than TMo on your 8900 that doesn't support UMA or you have a 8900 that isn't a TMo branded.

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