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Default Time Zones & Calender for the Rest of US

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I agree with most non BB users that the time zone and appointment thing is confusing. I know several business people that wont use the callender on their BB because they do not understand how it works. I also believe there is some confusion on the term "time zone" and "current local time". I believe most people having a problem time zone are really asking why the phone does not update to current local time, that is how majority of the other phones out there do it. I have an idea that would make life simplier for those of us that do not understand why we have to change something when we get off the plane inorder to know what time it is and when I'm supposed to meet someone.

If I live in eastern zone and make an appointment for a face to face meeting in pacific zone I am going to put the pacific zone time in my calendar because that is the time it will be when I am there. If my phone updated the time as the zones (network) changed all would work perfectly. No math or reconfiguring required. Appointment at 2pm, off plane and phone says current time 1pm, one hour to my appointment. I donxxx8217;t care what time zone I left from. I believe this is what and how most NON BB people believe it should work. Very simple.

The problem comes in when you need to have a phone appointment with someone in another zone. Then it would be necessary for your appointment calculate the time that you need to make the call in order reach your appointment at their correct time. This could be accomplished by a few simple drop down selection boxes and then would calculate the time you need to make the call from your home zone.

Such As:

Call To Zone: [make selection from list]
Time of Call in To Zone: [make selection from list]
Call From Zone: [make selection from list]

Time to make call from Home Zone: [ filled in by software]

I know the long time users are disbelief that us newbies dont get it. But the bottom line is we should not have to get it, it should get us.

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