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Originally Posted by freakinvibe View Post
Normally, a normal OTA sync takes about 10 to 20 minutes for us. I find 4 hours very long.

The "Disable Wireless Bulk Loads" is "False" by default if nothing is set, so I don't think this was your problem.

Is there a specific reason why your BES is so far away from your Exchange Server?
To be fair, we have OTAs which can take hours and it's known issue if the user has "complicated" calendar or contact entries (photos, attchaments etc). I am not saying >20mins is great but I think you should also have clear expectations and may never be able to get activations for some people (due to complexity or geography) down to a nice quick time.

And as for the exchange server again I am not saying you are wrong freakinvibe, as we all know the Exch and BES boxes should be close, but I have one BES in the UK and one in the US and don't see OTA EA time issues caused by the distance (it's usually down to the individual's cal/contact entries).

Again, not saying freakinvibe is wrong but I just wanted to point out that a 4 hour activation can sometimes be as quick as you can get (there are a few threads here about long but successful activations).
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