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Hello William,

I have tested EasyDialer and it works fine with Google voice. Similar to Koleary's sequence mine is: PPP*P(Pin)PPPP2PP
Termination: #

William the dial sequence is so long because when you dial into google voice there's a menu that you must choose from in order to make a call. The * dials into the mneu, the pin is the google voice pin you must input, the pauses following it are for when the system starts reading the options, the '2' is for making a call, and the final pauses are to give enough time before the system begins dialing the number. The termination code, #, is important for google voice otherwise it might never make the call. All in all it's a 15-20 second process. It's long, but it's automated.

William, I still get this error when I do a quick contact search from the call log field and try to inject the number into phone: "Phone number is not retrievable due to blackberry API limitation. Do you want to search the address book?" - I'm guessing this is a blackberry programming problem all the calling card developers encountered. The calling card is activated, however, if the number is already listed in the call log list.

I do like the preferred calling card feature. I also like the prefix calling which basically allows one to make certain calls (i.e anonymous call). For sprint to sprint calling a prefix of 11 followed by the number dials directly into recipient's voicemail. A prefix of 67 makes an anoymous call. Prefix dialing can also be used to make slydial calls (which dials directly into any recipient's voicemail box regardless of carrier).

Your software works as advertised, but it is not much different from the others like BerryDialer and Kardcaller. Like I suggested in the other thread an app that acts like a "net" and captures certain calls based on certain criteria would be a killer app. You can see what I'm talking about if you observe mobiion's magicall for Pocket PC >> MagiCall (Call SMS Filter, Calling Card) - PocketPC, Smartphone

btw, I'm running EasyDialer on the Blackberry Curve 8330 running OS

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