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I don't trust the Palm Pre, I think its all hype at this point and I'm not buying it. Yes it looks nice, its pretty cool but if I wanted something cool I would own a iPHone, not a Storm.

Palm announced the Pre at CES, and never announced a date as when it comes out. Why? the iPHone had a date when it was announced, so do most BlackBerry, Palm never gave a solid date because its not even finished yet. I heard, Q1 2009, Q2 2009, Q3 ect... Is it coming to Canada ??? Not sure...

Another thing is, I don't trust a company like Palm, Palm comes out with a great product every 10 years, remember the Palm Pilot, then everyone copied them and they vanished, now the're back with the Pre. What happens when users find bug in the OS (it happened with the iPhone and it happens with BB's), will Palm send updates for the OS? Do you really think they will follow up with some updated version of their hardware or just cash in on the Pre. It seems like BlackBerry come out with a new product or a new OS version every few months. The Curve, Bold and Storm are fairly new, and there is already talks of the Niagara coming out. Do you think Palm will come out with the "Palm Pro", "Palm Flip" ect ect,, in a few months/years after the release?

And I'm not 100% sure on this, but I read somewhere that the aps for the Palm Pre are coded in HMTL 5 ??? Not C++ or VB but HTML 5, I guess that's why they call it a Web OS.

Palm Pre looks pretty, it may make you cool among your friends, but I'm not buying the hype around it. I think it will fall short of the BlackBerry's and the iPhone.
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