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Originally Posted by Baldie View Post
My dad is with ATT (Pearl) and yesterday he purchased a laptop and was also suckered into getting a USB Modem through Verizon. He got the modem for free but will be paying $60/month for the service for 5gb plan. I am with sprint and my curve has the tethering service for only $15 extra a month on my plan, according to them is unlimited. Should my dad have just added the tethering service to his plan instead of paying for the $60 service? While the salesman at Bestbuy was suckering him in, I brought up the tethering service that ATT has available but the guy totally through all negatives towards that option in favor of the USB modem. He says that you will get cut-off while online if someone calls. I use my tethering service while out of town and am happy with it. I admit its not as fast as the USB Modem but its fast enough to surf the web and do what I need to do.

My dad has 30 days and if he is unhappy with it, he can return the modem and cancel the contract, no questions. I'm just trying to save him some money. Is the USB modem service worth the $60 compared to the add-on of the tethering option?? He plans to use this as a dedicated connection to the internet instead of subscribing to home internet service.
He should return the card, switch to a Bold, tether from that, and keep his home Internet service. No carrier provides truly unlimited service anymore. They all have a cap. Verizon and at&t have a hard cap of 5 GB, while T-Mobile and Sprint have soft caps and fair use policies.

Originally Posted by Stinsonddog View Post
Well the VZW modem is faster, yet with 3G (does that Pearl have 3G), you can do voice and data at the same time. If you are in major cities with solid 3G, I think the tethering is fine. If you are not on 3G, EDGE only, then the VZW modem will kick ass.
No Pearl that at&t sells is 3G-capable. Further, the 3G service (EVDO) on the Pearl 8130 that Sprint and Verizon sell is not capable of simultaneous voice and data. Only UMTS BlackBerry devices like the 8707, Bold, and Storm can do simultaneous voice and data (provided they are in a 3G service area), and out of those, only the Bold will work on at&t 3G in USA.

Originally Posted by Baldie View Post
He is located in the San Francisco Bay area so I'm pretty sure thats a 3G area. Looking at the data plans for ATT, for $30 more he can add the tethering option instead of paying $60 for the USB service on top of what he is already paying for his share plan (w/mom). Is tether secure compared to using the USB service? I mean will it be safe for him to buy things online or do his online banking?? I guess that would the bigger concern aside from saving $30.
Tethering and data cards provide the same level of security that a home broadband line provides: fundamentally insecure. The security of the things you are talking about are done by the website he visits, and the security measures in place on his computer.

Also, he does not need the tethering plan add-on to tether his at&t BlackBerry.
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