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Originally Posted by dizzle247 View Post
I've googled this a few times and haven't found the answer that i'm looking for.

I just switched over from tmobile to sprint .. on tmobile i had the 7290, 8700g/c, 8100, 8120, 8320, all had no problem being able to write a single sms up to 960 characters. I know that any SMS on ANY carrier world wide is limited to 160 characters because of the transmission over the network. That's not the issue at hand.

I bought the 8330 with sprint and like most 8330 users have a 160 limit when writing out a message. A lot of people have said that this is a carrier issue, blah blah blah, i call bullshit on that. I already know that all carriers have the 160 limit, but with my 8320 and previous blackberries i was able to write up to 960 characters on the single sms message, it would just break it up into 6 total messages that would be sent out to the recipient.

The only answers that I have found to bypass this 160 character limit is by sending an mms from my blackberry .. it's a small annoyance and I want to be able to get past that.

Now, my solution that I have come up with. In the past, and as most BB users know, you can reload a different carrier's software onto the blackberry. I have done this successfully with an 8700c from cingular with tmobile software and also software from other carriers in the world. I also did this with my 8320 on tmobile and loaded different carrier software. Now, i'm wondering this.

Has anybody tried to load a different carrier's software onto the 8330 to bypass the 160 character limit? I have yet to try it myself because it's been a hectic 2 days since i've bought the phone and I don't have my laptop to load previous software downloaded for my 8320.

Now the only thing that I can think of being an issue is that the software I have downloaded already on my laptop is for an 8320 and i own the 8330 .. I figure since it's an 83xx device, it shouldn't be an issue. It's been awhile since i've tweaked a blackberry so i'm a little bit rusty.

If anybody has done it and it didn't do anything to bypass the 160 character limit, then i'm not gonna waste my time (actually, in reality i probably will to make sure that I know for certain myself haha) .. But i'd like some other people's feedback.

Well then you would be crying foul for no reason. Because it is a carrier issue
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