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Originally Posted by Cory Scheuer View Post
yes but you cant add custom stations... at least none that work...
I've added any number of stations to BerryTunes, if that's what you're referring to...below is how I add stations - don't know if there is a simpler way, but this works for me:

I do this from Firefox...not sure if it works from IE as well...

Using Firefox, go to Shoutcast (SHOUTcast | Free internet radio!) and search on your desired station's call letters.

In the Shoutcast search results, Right-Click on the "Tune In" button next to the station you want.

Select "copy link location" and then paste it into an email to myself, or into a Memo in outlook that I can sync to my BB, whatever process you want to get the link to the BB.

Do that for each radio station I want to add...

Send the email to myself, or sync the memo, whatever is appropriate.

Copy the links into the Add Station dialog.

That should work for you as well...

You can also right click on the Tune In button and save the PLS file and open it in a text editor to see what the specific URLs are for the streaming...

Open the .PLS file w/a text editor (e.g., Notepad) and you'll see something like the following (this is from the PLS for KQED in San Francisco):

Originally Posted by KQED .PLS file from Shoutcast[/quote
File1 = [u r l = h t t p: //]SHOUTcast Administrator[/url]
Title1=(#1 - 311/2000) KQED Public Radio
Title2=(#2 - 478/2000) KQED Public Radio
You can take the URLs from above (e.g., h t t p :// and enter it in to the Add Station dialog in Berry Tunes (Open the Radiooption in Berry Tunes and then select "Add Station" from the menu.
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