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Below is the post I put on another forum that SMRTGUARD indicates they are using to get feedback:
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I have been playing with this app for a few days and the update definitely fixed a few issues.


The look, feel and functionality of this application is very impressive and is extremely easy to use. (I get the distinct feeling that one or more of the developers is a Harley Davidson fan with the color scheme!)

The GPS location on "Find my BB" is almost dead on. The approximate location is a few blocks off. SMRTGUARD located my BB in about 2 minutes with the updated version

This and/or the tracking function, in reality, would be kinda useless if someone stole you BB unless you were a LEO and could roll with your laptop and had the credentials to initiate a probable cause traffic stop.

However, if you left your BB on a store counter, or if fell off in a parking lot, this feature would absolutely be useful.

The "Self Destruct" feature is almost instantaneous. When testing this feature my phone went off almost the second the mouse button was released. Quite impressive.

The same goes for the "Track my BB" and "Stop Tracking my BB". Alerts are sent and received immediately to the phone.

I tested the "Emergency Alert" (minus the 911 function naturally!) and my wife's phone did NOT receive the SMS notification. The E-mail notification was instant and the location in the e-mail was identified as:

The backup information is all there when I log into the website.

Overall - I now wish my daughter, who is a college student, had a BB so I could load this program on it because she travels out of town for school and comes back home late at night. The "Emergency Alert" feature would sure make me feel better knowing she had it.

Personally, knowing I could "nuke" my stolen BB right in the hand of a thieving perp would bring me great joy if I got nothing else out the deal.

As of right now I would absolutely consider purchasing this program. Considering the phone insurance is about $85 a year already - I am thinking a onetime price of $10 - $15 dollars to supplement that insurance would be appropriate.

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