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Default Quick'n'dirty transcode script for the Bold

Usage is " inputfile aspectratio"


# Remember to use --keep_asr option to auto-calculate any "black bars" needed to pad video (modifies -Z) (may not be required as the Blackberry media player seems to auto-center its videos)

# The BB bold likes its bitrate to be <=1400 but testing shows 800 to 1000 works better at avoiding framedrops.  Also, framerate should be 24fps (per RIM KB)

# Use -M 2 or -M 4 to attempt to correct F@$%&*! NTSC DVD DIVX A/V sync problems on the fly.

# --export_asr C
#              set export aspect ratio code C [as input] Valid codes for C are:
#               1      1:1
#               2      4:3
#               3      16:9
#               4      2.21:1

# Speaking of NTSC, remember to de-interlace so you can at least hope to get A/V sync when forcing 24fps.
# Add -J fps=29.97:24 to the command below to do this.  

transcode -i "${1}" --export_fps 24,2 --encode_fields p --export_asr "${2}" -Z x320 -y ffmpeg,ffmpeg -F mpeg4,aac -w 1000 -o "${1}".mp4
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