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This was posted in another thread that made reference to this thread...thought I would share. I have now made 6 calls and NOT A ONE DROPPED OR 8300 REBOOTED!!!!!!

JS, thank you for your comments. After struggling with this issue for HOURS and WEEKS, you provided the guidance to "solve" this. The "replaced unit" so common out there in BB land was just too weird. Is the BB that bad in manufacture that so many units go out into the world defective? I don't think so.

PREMISE: Memory card is causing Reboots. Here is a list of steps taken to pinpoint the "problem". Time consuming, you betcha, but if it helps someone out there, great.

Test 1: Card in. Media support ON. Called. Rebooted. FAILURE

Test 2: Removed card. Media support ON. Called. Rebooted after 3 minutes. FAILURE

Test 3: MEM card in. Media card support OFF. Called. Hung up after 11 minutes. The call did not drop/reboot.

Test 4: MEM card in. Turned on Media Support. REFORMATTED CARD. Pulled battery (just in case).
Called. REBOOTED after 10:40 FAILURE

Test 5: Mem card in. Media Card Support on. TURNED OFF Mass Storage Mode. @ 14:30 REBOOTED. FAILURE
Realize I have to make longer call than just 10 -15 minutes for test to be effective.

Test 6: Mem card in. Media Card Support OFF. @ 20 minutes I hung up. NO REBOOT

Test 7: Settings -->Options-->Media Card, Menu, REMOVE MEDIA CARD, get "Media card cannot be read. Verify that the media card is formatted." When I format card, it reports "Media Card Format Successful". However, the "Media card cannot be read. Verify that the media card is formatted." message remains. Reformat the card 3 mores times because at this point I am going crazy.
Media Card Support ON. TURNED OFF Mass Storage Mode. 24 minutes later, I hang up. NO REBOOT.

NEW VARIABLE deleted the fields in TCP that had wap@cingular (from former owner) in them and in APN. This phone is on TMO now. Not using the data and no WiFi in the 8300.

Test 8: Media Card Support ON. Mass Storage Mode ON. Call placed. Just noticed that there are 2 Blue arrows in Upper Right Corner where signal strength is. Hadn't noticed this before during calls. Could it be because of the New Variable (above)?

One thing I am noticing. I use MultiTrack StopWatch on my PC when I do things to time activities. Started the stopwatch when I answered call on 8300. After 13:40, the BB has a 10 second positive difference. HUH? I have unlimited voice plan . I don't care. But how about all those folks with Time Usage Plans? Those seconds can add up if the timer is off. Whose count is it? The carrier TMO or the device's? Or is my PC wrong? After 20 minutes, the difference is now 14 seconds. 25 minutes and 17 seconds difference.

SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 26 minutes and no REBOOT.

Now I am left wondering if it was the TCP setting or the card as JS brought to my attention. Tempted to replace the deleted Cingular settings again and see what happens. NOT!! Feels great having a working phone again.

If this works for others, the card reformatting part and the TCP settings, would suggest this be added to the other url or tacked.

Thanks JS. Will post again in 3-4 days with what happened.
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