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Wirelessly posted

Well I just had a roller coaster exprerience with Bolt. I decided to try YouTube from Bolt. Brought up a clip from one of my favorite antiquated BBC productions. Bolt notified me multiple times that it was doing X or Y, asked me to Open, Save or Cancel, before kicking the clip into the BB media player to Open, which gave me the lovely "unsupported format" error.

I then decided to see what would happen if I Saved instead. And lo and behold, it saved the YouTube video to my BB as a 3gp file! I hit play. It does. I look on the media card. There's the file, saved with some random integer as the file name. I am stunned. I w00t several times.

I then save another file and play it. It saves fine, plays fine, but I notice it's only 1:20 long, and it should be 10 minutes. I then check my first saved file. Same deal. Saved the first 1:21 only.

So looks like we can, using only Bolt, snag the first 80 seconds of any video on YouTube. Maybe we can get it to get the entire video if we can somehow get it to pre-load, or wait a few minutes before hitting Save or something? I haven't got it working yet but one of you may.

Anyway, I had a major WTF moment and needed to share.
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