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Originally Posted by ArgonNJ View Post
The iphone is actually has the potential to be more functional then the BB. It only requires the code to make the tweaks. It is basically a mini desktop computer. The BB, on the other hand, is a glorified pager with other features bolted on. It is showing its age and will soon be unable to compete with the likes of the iphone, Android or the Palm Pre. RIM needs a new OS, but it seems they are taking a cue from the Palm of old and are basically sitting on their laurels with small, basically insignificant changes while the other move on with bigger and better. OS 5.0 looks like a joke as far as innovation goes. If that is the best RIM can do, it will be on its way down if a few years and we will be talking about how great RIM was.
i did not know my desktop pc is drm locked like an iphone.

also what you are saying does not apply to apple only....... i really do not see a point here. any device can be turned into "a mini pc"

now the only thing i can think of your bb notion is reference to how the phone buttons exists on it unlike the iphone phone icon which can be removed and you have a glorified ipod.

this again bring back aesthetics. that is all apple holds.....
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