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Originally Posted by ArgonNJ View Post
How is the iphone DRM locked again? Do you even know what that term means? And if you are running Windows, especially Vista, you desktop is DRM laden. And if I have to explain to you why the iphone OS is superior to the BB OS as far as capablitity and flexibility [and I'm saying potential, not actual], then you really are a fan boy.
Digital rights management (DRM) refers to access control technologies used by publishers, copyright holders, and hardware manufacturers to limit usage of digital media or devices. In contrast to copy protection, which only attempts to prohibit unauthorized copies of media or files[citation needed], digital rights management enables the publisher to control what can and cannot be done with a single instance. For example, a publisher can limit the number of viewings, the number of copies, and the devices the media can be transferred to. Also an expiration date can be set, e.g. for the purpose of "lending" or "renting out" by a library or a rental shop, without the need of requiring the item to be returned.
definition of drm

take a blackberry i can go put a mp3 on a blackberry, bring it to my other pc, and copy the music down back, you cant with an iphone/itouch.

i think it is living up to drm definition.

oh and yes if i waste hrs upon hrs of looking their probably is a hack, which i could care less. the device is a one way device which means from pc to device not from device to pc.
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