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Originally Posted by Drillbit View Post
Why is that? Do you actually own any Apple products at all?

I can take any generic MP3 or AAC file, sync it with iTunes to my iPod and it works. Those same files will still be opened and played by WinAmp, Windows Media Player and other generic MP3 players.

iTunes specific files can be played on any iPod as long as you own it. it will also play on your PC via iTunes or Quicktime, so long as you own that PC. You simply authorize the PC when iTunes request the authorization. Up to five PCs are allowed.

Starting April 7, iTunes have changed their policy to sell only DRM free music. DRM music can be upgraded to non DRM but depending on the music company, some songs may require an additional charge.

I have a program called Air Search that turns my iPod into a generic wireless Wifi network drive. If I upload songs into it from my PC and store it in the PC file structure, any MP3 songs will be played by the iPod Touch. When I move the files to another PC, they are unaltered and remain generic, still playable with any other player.
i have a 2nd gen touch.

this is what i am getting at, go sync an ipod touch to a device, i used my xp notebook, it syncs that notebook can add / remove etc. but that notebook 4 year old drive took a perm vacation.

so i got a new hdd, restored the system, i figured the music which wasn't from itunes but my own creations i can get of the touch back to the pc, good luck with this. it wont allow this.

i'm not really talking about drm music. but more in the drm on the device.

edit: this is how the device itself is drm'ed not the mp3's or content you put on the device.
now dont get me wrong drm is not the best security and their are ways around this its just a big pain the rear. in which under normal usage it allows to not to device from device. like other devices.

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