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First of all the OS .180 was better for music... i.e. when in shuffle mode I click "Show Play List" (Instead of album art and song info) the list appear but does not highlight the song that is playing... instead it highlight the song that should play in order (number 1, 2, 3 etc...)... this does not happens on .180
But the OS .222 that Im using is faster overall in applications... and also skipping songs...

To answer your question... I currently have almost 30 GB of music on my Archos (PVP) and I used to play music in there but its too big to carry everywhere... so out of the 6500 songs I have... I put around 1300 and growing to my BB Flip...
The 8 GB works great and I filtered to the music I listen the most... along with newer downloads...

The downside to this is that the Archos refresh its 6500 songs in about 30 seconds..... and the Flip takes up to 15 minutes scanning files each times I plug/unplug remove/insert card...

I tend to plug it at night and copy files at this time... cause if I do it right before leaving home I cant play anything in the car for few minutes...

Maybe a higher class card could work better... but my experience is that takes a long time refreshing this capacity...

Still I love the Flip as mp3 player, I think the Auto-Playlist feature is awsome... and the instant search function is great... So I think its better mp3 player than even ipod nano... so take full advantage of this..

(the Automatic playlist is a list that autocreates based on given artists, albums or genre that you input... i.e. A playlist of "rap" and I just add rap artists... and each new song add to the flip of this artists will automatically be added to the playlist)

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