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Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry
I just got an 8700. I was never able to get used to the 7100 kayboard and Suretype. So the "nicer form-factor" really didn't help me because I never got used to Suretype. You miss a key on an 8700 and BlackBerry because BlsckBerry. You miss a key on the 7100 and it becomes Blsckwytart.

The 8700 keyboard does have smaller keys. Took me two days to get used to that (think Treo keyboard). For my money, the 8700 is great. And I also should have a 7103 from Verizon in next week to test.
Well I was accustomed to the 7250 I used for a dew weeks over the summer. You are correct about missing keys and having different results with SureType. Now at 4 days out from getting the 7130 SureType is getting much better. It has already learned many of my unique words. I also tried adding some words to the Custom word list before typing them for the 1st time. This works great especially for special words it probably would never learn on its own.

I agree the Treo keboard is less than comfortable to type on. But its major dificiency is not having Auto Text and auto punctation like the BB has. I never like Palm and using a stylist so there's nothing lost with a touch screen.

I just hope VZW wil offer an 8700 type device so I can decide if I realy like it over my 7130. The new 4.1 OS is much better than the 4.0.2 offered on the 7250. I do use bluetooth for syncing and find it easier/quicker to manage my calender in Outlook.

Looking forward to your overall comparision of the 8700 vs 7130 when you get it.