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Default 7520 to 7100i

Similar issues. I really like the 7100 series and type greater than 250 word emails routinely. You need to do something thatIwe should be doing anyway, type first then proofread. It really makes for a more cogent email experience. After the first two days it did not take any reall adjustent. I tried the 8700 for a couple of days and returned (I maybe the only one in America). The phone was not as good in my market as the Nextel. The 7100 will hold the line open without any visible signal. I have not dropped a call yet. Others have mentioned that their 7130 do the same. The 8700 dropped quite a few GSM style. The Suretype is an acquired taste but be aware the predictive capability improves if you load the additional dictionaries that are available through the Desktop Manager. Two other small comments. I think the screen being longer on 7100 makes for a better aspect ratio for fax viewing. The rendering is better than on the 8700, this may not be important to you. Now for the real nit - I truly dislike the color and quality of the case of the 8700. This is truly a worthless nit but I knew that this would be scratched and chewed up in a matter of days in my hands.