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Originally Posted by correia View Post
jsconyers -

get off the guy's back. PearlinSen admitted right from the beginning that he had misread the link title and that was the whole point of this thread. He thought it was funny (and so do I actually) that everyone is always so anxious for the latest OS to come out that he jumped to conclusions that were completely incorrect.

You immediately jumped to the conclusion that he didn't know what he was talking about, but if you read the thread a little more closely you might understand what his point was.
Actually, I know what the tread is about. It's about for the 8830. I pointed out that there was a thread already on the topic, he could have searched for the OS number and seen that there is already a thread going on this EXACT SAME TOPIC, other than creating a new thread, thus cluttering the forums for others who actually do use the search feature.

Furthermore, I was not the one that pointed out that it was posted in the 9500 section. However, why would anyone post an OS release for the 8830 in a 9500 forum? I hardly see anywhere in the thread where I was on the OP's back. You immediately jumped to the conclusion that I do not know what this thread is about, when, in fact I do.

My initial point is that this thread is a waste of time and space as there's already a thread on it. Also, there is a sticky thread with of the same OS from another carrier which also has the Verizon release discussion taking place there too. How many places do we need to discuss this, really?
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