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I'm trying to decide if I should keep my 7250 or get the 7130e. I went down to my local Verizon store and played with the 7130, what a fantastic screen. Much nicer than my 7250. Suretype works much better than I expected.

Seems for me the big gain is the nicer screen and a speakerphone (that I would rarely use), and of course its a new toy! I did upgrade my 7250 to EDVO and added the tethering option so there is no adavantage there.

I'm a little confused on the holster issue. The Verizon guy said it didn't come with one. There's another post here that says it does come with an inferior one. Sounds like there isn't plastic swivel one that is used on the 7250 for the 7130e.

Does anyone use thier BB as a makeshift flashlight? I seem to do that a lot with the 7250 as strange as it sounds. Does the 7130 have the same lighting power? Didn't seem like it did when I was testing.

My new every two isn't up until end of Feb either so it's full price.

Any thoughts, advice?