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Originally Posted by jfguerra View Post
I have a BB 8830 with Verizon, OS v4.2, DM v4.2.2.12, running on Vista (yes, the dreaded Vista).

I have been quite happy with my BB 8830 and the synch function. I had no problems until recently (meaning, I have synched the unit MANY times and it worked flawlessly).

Over the last few weeks I have been having a problem synching with Outlook. Specifically, it asks me if I want to delete Outlook entries (LOTS of them) even though my synch settings tell it to keep everything and my BB Calendar Options settings say "Keep Appointments Forever".

I have tried a solution that has been described in other forums (maybe even here) which involves deleting the calendar from my BB (using DM and the Backup and Restore -> Advanced-> Calendar -> Clear), taking the battery out, and re-synching again. It does synch up correctly but the next day (and sometimes a few hours later) if I try to re-synch it does it again. I did not delete the item called "Calendar Options".

I noticed something interesting in the BB Calendar Options, Number of Entries field. The entry is correct right after I synch but a few hours later, the number has gone down! Right now it says it has 2501 entries (which is correct) but earlier in the day it had that number and a few hours later it went down to 855!

Please, please, please, don't tell me to upgrade to OS 4.5. Verizon doesn't "officially" support it and I'd rather try a solution qith the versions I currently have installed.

Thanks for any help or guidance you can provide.

Verizon does support 4.5. It is available on their web site.
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