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I think we have moved away from rumor to fact

They are on to other things finalizing Alltel deal negotiating for Iphone windows 7 devices

Ther have been four stable leaked OS's .113.122.132.and .141 any of these are far more stable than .075

Now are working on OS release ???? i don't think so

or as some have speculated this issues with storm are more than an OS update will fix.

From their viewpoint they have probaly lost a lot of money and quite a few customers except for those of us who will tweak to make it work.

But that will become old after awhile and we will move on

They know the storm 2 is in testing somewhere (supposed to be released q4 2009 or q1 2010)

So take your pick will release update tommorrow , moved on , hardware issues beyond software patch, new device release ...etc. etc.etc.

But they are stil getting i am assuming 30.00 /month BB services 60.00/month phone service multiply that by how many are in use 500,000 plus -- maybe only 10% are complaining you do the math.

As for myself if they update fine i am using .141 has cleared up a lot of issues

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