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Originally Posted by rileyrg View Post
Diversity? And there you have the exact reason why they don't produce a Linux version. I wish to hell they would . But with all those distros (most junk) and their combined share of about 1% of the desktop market, RIM simply are not going to invest their money in supporting Linux. Blackberrys tend to be in the hand of VPs and Execs, not us techy sorts! Far better to get them to make their Desktop Manager SW run properly under a virtual solution IMO.
Hmm, I'm one of those "techy sorts" and I have a BlackBerry. I'm assuming that you consider yourself one of those "techie sorts" and you have a BlackBerry as well. I'll lay dollars to dimes that we're not the only two computer geeks on the planet that work in IT and phones home on a BlackBerry either.

I also have to say that I've used somewhere in the area of twenty or more distros, and didn't find one of them to be "junk." They all had their good points and their bad points, but none were what I would classify as "junk."

You are quite correct though about RIM. Linux has a great share of the server market, but almost no one syncs their phone with a server (I know a few exceptions to this rule). On the desktop, Linux only has about a single percentage point (and probably less than that). RIM is not going to spend the big bucks to develop a sync solution for even the Ubuntu community that makes up a fairly high percentage of Linux desktops.

Overcome Ubuntu Bug #1 and that would probably change.
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