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Originally Posted by 1RIM4sure
I understand that there is nothing public about the workaround. Yet, you were able to get the details? Am i to assume that you work at RIM?
you sound like you work for NTP or are hoping for RIM to lose..

Or it could exist and still violate the patent. Therefore, it would be useless.
It would be useless for RIM to lie about this. If they roll out the change and it does violate the patent, there would be tons of people ready for a class action suit against RIM. I'm sure they've crossed all their T's and dotted their I's. They have a contingency plan in place. It would be stupid for them to unveil it before they were required to. It would give more people time to examine it before a final ruling was made, or a judge could try to order them to turn it off at the same time as they were ordered to shut down the original.

The only way a workaround matter is if it exists and does NOT hinder quality and is NOT in violation of NTP patents.
In order to determine whether these conditions are true, we would need to know more about the details.
I don't know all the details about how a phone works, but it does. If my blackberry continues to work much like it does now, I don't care about the details. I just care that it works