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Originally Posted by goaliemn
you sound like you work for NTP or are hoping for RIM to lose..

I think i sound more like somebody trying to understand the details rather than just mindlessly believing everything i hear or read in the news. You claimed you were familiar with the details, but it seems you meant that you only know one detail - it exists.
I If they roll out the change and it does violate the patent, there would be tons of people ready for a class action suit against RIM
I think you have misinterpreted the way these patent disputes work. Why would people bring a class action suit?

I don't know all the details about how a phone works, but it does. If my blackberry continues to work much like it does now, I don't care about the details. I just care that it works
I would assume that you are alone in this view. For the rest of the world, it does not suffice for stuff to work, it must work well. That is the concern with a workaround. Blackberry is the best out there. If they change the technology, is it a safe assumption that the functionality will be unchanged? That is why details would be useful. Clearly there are no details availible, so the whole thing remains pretty unknown. If the workaround does keep the technology at the current standard, then we are in good shape. However, i am not comfortable making those kind of broad assumptions before more information is released (as i assume will happen as this issue moves forward)

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