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Guys please can't you help anymore, as 02 aren't very helpful and can't suggest anything which I haven't already tried. I haven't got a clue what to do, as I've shown by losing some important things, and I don't want to try anything else and make matters even worse!
I now accept that I've lost anything post my April backup file, but now I've still got the following problems which aren't helping me going forward:

Open up my attachments which I've been able to open before. I've uninstalled and re-installed BB Attachment Service, but still nothing. It just times out.

If I delete an e-mail on my bb then it still deletes it on my hotmail mailbox when I check on my laptop, but if I delete one on my laptop then it will not delete on my bb - when previously it would!

It also now appears that a few messages aren't coming through when others are.

**I've copy and pasted the 2 below**

I am receiving e-mails now but the new ones are not being shown on the same account as before. It's hard to explain this one, but basically on my BB screen I have 3 envelopes, 1 'messages' , 2 '' and 3 ''. When I had a new e-mail before it would indicate on number 1 and 3, but now it is just indicating on 1 - even though the mail still seems to be in 3 as well. Just thought this might be another reason why everything has gone a bit tits up!

The layout on my BB menu is now different, and although I can't tell you what, it seems like an icon is missing, as things definitely aren't how I remembered them layout wise, and I've never rearranged them previously.

Thank you.
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