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Originally Posted by boygenius
I still think you guys really took this too far...could you please explain to me how a little dust in the screen affects the usability of the device? Does is cover half the screen or are there just specs of dust? Does the dust interfere with email? Phone calls? Web browsing? Tasks, etc? Obviously RIM has heard about the issue by now, adding more fuel to fire will not make them come out with a "revision" any sooner. For god sakes the unit was released not even 2 weeks ago...
Judging from the amount of dust I got under my screen in only a few days, I would say it would get to the point where it would bug most people. No excuse for it, just a bad design.

Replacing the unit will not help as they are all built the same. Check out your 8700 in the dark and see how much of the backlight is leaking out of the sides of the unit. Just a bad design.

Back to my 7520 and appreciate it for what it does so well day after day.