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LOL, You do realize this is a phone were talking about here right? This isn't like you just bought a brand new car that didn't come with a steering wheel...I mean come on! I personally have opened up the device, and see the rubber seal around the screen, why dust gets in who knows maybe the seal isnt tight enough, whatever. Return the phone or don't buy it. I just think its hilarious how people act when they get the phone they have been waiting for 8 months later and tear it to bits...8700c is best blackberry I have used, and for that reason if the screen was FULL OF DUST I would still use it, because that doesn't interfere with anything else! It doesn't stop me from sending emails, IM, or doing anyhting else I need it to. This is purely cosmetic people! I just bought a brand new Range Rover...THERE IS DUST IN THE SEATS FOLKS, holy god, RECALL!!! Range Rover please exchange my car, also while your at it please take a look at all my complaints and fix them, and ship me the car back overnight, FedEx...get real and stop complaining. - Tiki Barber
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