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Originally Posted by juwaack68 View Post
Hey Darth, glad you made it home - was good to see you. I can't believe you got a pic with Lazaridis - he completely blew me off when I asked for a pic with him. Said if he took a picture with me then everyone would want one. Pffffffttt!!

How was Universal and the House of Mouse?
Originally Posted by JSanders View Post
And I was the one standing with Jules when she asked... I think he was actually slighting ME as the "everyone".

Anyway, He has too much hair, looks a like a baptist preacher from Alabama.
He only had one of his entourage around him at the time and was heading from the conference floor past the escalators thru where the Admin Training was being held. Knowing I may never get another chance, I called him by name and he turned around. I thanked him for the developments in BlackBerry and for such a wonderful means of communication. (Yeah, suck up.) He read my badge and asked about where I was from, number of users, e-mail platform and how we use BBs. He was very nice, patient and personal. THEN I asked if I could have a picture. I got his handler to take it too!

And to make it better, I ran into him again on my way back from Universal Friday night. I was wearing the 10th anniversary of WES T-shirt. Mr. Lazaridis saw it and turned to somebody else in his party and asked, "How come we didn't get t-shirts?" They shrugged. I recommended, "Maybe you can call somebody at RIM. I'm sure they can hook you up." He laughed and replied, "That's pretty funny!" Very cool guy!
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