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Default Lost luggage?

Well my luggage turned up in Orlando the day before I did. After cancelling my connection from DC to Orlando they threw me on a plane to Chicago to catch the later flight to MCO.

After 45 minutes stuck on the tarmac we were unloaded because of engine failure. Two hours later we were loaded onto another plane (after a tortuous re-issue of boarding passes). After another half an hour or so the dreaded 'is there a doctor on board?' call went out for some poor guy having some 'trouble'. About 90 minutes later he was carted off by the paramedics leaving us free to get to Chicago. I missed the last connection from there to MCO so I was doomed to spend a night at a hotel in Chicago.

The morning brought a little bit of cheer as I managed to get on the standby list for the first flight to Orlando. It's nerve wracking as you watch the number of people checked in go up and up and the number of available seats going down and down.

Finally, finally I get to Orlando around midday on Monday, find my luggage sitting there since god knows when and pick up the rental car.

I managed to make the last few hours of the first days BES5 training course and then continued to have one of the best weeks ever!

As for United I hope I don't ever have the misfortune to fly with them again but I will do all I can to get back to WES2010.
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