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Default BB as a Modem - Data usage - costs and the BES

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Hi everyone,

I am looking into using either an Evdo BB (Bell/Telus) or an Edge BB (8700r Rogers). I am wanting to use it as a modem to my laptop as well.

I am up to speed on HOW to configure it as a modem - that is the easy part. Thanks Mark!!!

I am in Canada and can either go to Bell Telus or Rogers. Each has their own flavor of Blackberry plans ranging from a 25mb cap to 50mb cap (depending on the carrier). Sadly (and confusingly) they are promoted as UNLIMITED with fine print. I have access to a BES. So now I am debating on getting an Evdo or Edge Blackberry.

Data usage - I have access to a BES. There is no routing through the BES to reduce data usage correct? Am I correct that usage is as a regular wireless data connection? I could easily blow through the data cap right? And pay BIG overages? I read Mark's posts on his ordeal with data usage costs.

I take it the cellphone companies are not going to let people easily get around buying an EVDO card for their laptop and a BIG data plan by getting an EVDO blackberry and using that as a modem. If one could get compressed data through a BES and be billed less and have an unlimited plan* (is there in the world a truly unlimited Data plan for the BB???) the cellphone companies might not like that. I have seen that anytime people find a loophole to get around the system it gets closed off after a while.

What are the real costs in running an Edge/Evdo BB as a modem? It might be worth it for me just to buy a card for my laptop or use WiFi. It would be good to know for emergencies if I wanted to hook it up for a connection on the laptop.

Everyone is getting excited at hooking these bad boys up as a modem - BUT what will it cost them in the end? Has anyone gotten confirmed connection speeds of the EVDO blackberry? It would be interesting to see how fast one can blow through the data cap.

Lastly can anyone confirm if being on a BES will have any benefit to using this as a modem?

Canadian cost input would be great!