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Originally Posted by BBAdmin
Now that's the beauty of living in the UK. Nobody here really cares about it because it's unlikely to ever affect the UK service!!! Let's be honest though, it'll never affect anyone anywhere once all those patents have been wiped from under NTP's feet!!!!
I do feel like the patents should be wiped as well, but ultimately its 50:50 either way. Depressing thoughts of such patent sitters actually winning.

We're using a lot of BBs in the UK, but our users roam a LOT, I do mean all over the world, including a lot of US travel - how will it affect people using UK sourced BBs connecting to UK based servers, but via US GPRS carriers?

*edit* our users are probably getting asked about it as well, as most of their colleagues who they do work pretty closely with are based in the US ... who may (or may not!) have issues with their service in the future.

Only time will tell, I guess.